These cash management services keep your business running right.

Consider Liberty Bank your off-the-payroll business partner. We work hand-in-hand with you, helping you gain more control over your business cash flow. We’ll help you find your confident place with business services, products, expertise and solutions suited to your business as it grows.

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With Liberty Bank’s Digital Banking, managing your business account is a virtual piece of cake. Keep tabs on your cash, send a wire transfer, or download balances and transactions into your accounting software all right from your desk 24/7.

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Cash Management? Liberty Is at Your Service.

Liberty Bank is your one-stop resource for expert business banking services. When it comes to managing your business effectively, our rock-solid financial strength and commitment to local, personal service makes us a partner you’ll want to have on your team. Check out the business services Liberty Bank offers:

Business Services

    Overnight Sweep

    Protect your deposits with up to $25 million in FDIC insurance per tax ID. Enjoy competitive rates and no deposit/withdrawal restrictions or penalties. The sweep eliminates the need to maintain multiple banking relationships to achieve high levels of FDIC insurance. There’s no need to scramble to transfer money from one account to another to meet your businesses’ daily liability and accounts payable needs.

    Remote Deposit Capture

    Deposit funds without being away from the office. You can enjoy faster access to deposited funds and the flexibility to bank when and where you want to. Using a PC, Internet connection and a check scanning device, you can submit checks for deposit directly from your business site. You can also consolidate deposits from multiple offices into one bank account.


    Payroll Processing Services

    We’ll connect you with cost-effective payroll processing services, including provision of paychecks, earnings statements, tax summaries and more.

    Workers’ Compensation

    You may qualify for our Premium Payment Program for Workers’ Compensation from our business partner TransGate Solutions. No upfront premium deposit required and premiums are based on actual payroll data.

    Merchant Processing

    Need help processing cards at your shop, on your website or by phone? Our business partner TransGate Solutions can do it all. There’s no contract, plus you get competitive rates and fees. They supply the equipment and training, and are on call 24/7 to help.

    Positive Pay

    Positive Pay is a fraud protection service used to protect your business against forged and counterfeit checks as well as fraudulent electronic (ACH) transactions. We will systematically compare checks presented for payment against the check issue data you provide to detect serial numbers and amounts that don’t match. If something doesn’t match, you will have the opportunity to either pay or return the check. For electronic items, you will have the option to choose which items to pay or block all transactions. View a demo.

    Online Wire Transfers

    Using our online wire transfer module you can make secure, same-day USD payments to accounts at other banks or overseas. And if you'll be on vacation, you have the option of scheduling future dated payments.

    Zero Balance Accounting

    Let us automate the funding and debiting of multiple accounts, freeing you from making routine transfers.

    Lockbox Services

    Streamline your receivables delivery, deposit and clearing times – and save money, too. We'll open the mail and send you a detailed report, including copies of the checks and remittances along with payment information, the same day they are received, via secure email.

    Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Direct Deposit

    Use ACH for your repetitive and non-repetitive electronic transactions. It’s less work for you, and a more convenient way to manage your accounts payable and employee payroll. You can also reduce payment-processing costs and eliminate lost or stolen checks. And if you designate payments be directly deposited to your business bank account, you can reduce paperwork and make the funds available faster.

    Night Deposit

    The majority of our branches offer this convenient service, and we’ll have your deposits on the books the next business morning.

    Coin and Currency Services

    With advance notice, we’re ready to handle your coin and currency purchases and deposits at any Liberty branch.

    Sweep to Line of Credit/Automated Sweep

    This Sweep service provides an automated liquidity management solution that helps you minimize interest expense, while allowing you to earn interest on excess cash balances.

    Liberty also offers a variety of online and mobile banking services for businesses.

    Contact a Cash Management Specialist at (860) 704-2411 to learn more about these services.

    Some products may be subject to additional terms and conditions or fees.

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    Business Checking

    Our range of business checking options are like a green thumb for your growing business.

    Business Savings

    Say goodbye to minimum balance requirements. With tiered interest rates, the higher your balance, the more you earn.

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    With loans for every size business, small, medium or large, Liberty Bank has the funding you need to help you take charge today and plan for a brighter future.

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