Track Your Spending

Liberty's Digital Banking gives you the power to review and manage your spending, saving, borrowing, and financial planning activities all in one place:

With automatic transaction categorization, you get a visual summary of your spending and saving:

  • Automatically identify recurring monthly expenses across all accounts
  • Quickly assess if you're on track with spending, saving and financial planning
  • Customize your transaction categories to meet your goals

Track Your Spending

Demo: Edit a Transaction Category

With our interactive demo, learn how to access your transactions and change how they're categorized.


Yes! You can add your accounts from many other financial institutions, as well as many credit card and investment accounts, for a holistic view of your spending and saving.

To add an external account, select "Link Your External Accounts" from the home screen in digital banking, or select "Link and View External Accounts" from the home screen in your mobile app.

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