Accounts Payable

Efficiently and securely process payments while saving time & money, reducing reliance on paper checks, envelopes and stamps. Control and improve cash flow as payments are processed for the specific due date. This eliminates the guess work when paying with paper checks.

Electronically process direct deposit of payroll checks and process vendor payments as an efficient and cost effective alternative to processing paper checks, improving cash flow forecasting and funds management.

  • Improve cash flow by eliminating mail delays and adding the assurance of pre-determined funds delivery dates
  • Flexible payment schedules can be set up to 30 days in advance with the added convenience of the ability to set recurring payments
  • Web based solution enables you to create and transmit files from your desktop
  • Reduces administrative costs and risks associated with the remittance of manual paper checks

Quickly transfer funds within the United States with same day settlement. Wire transfers are a safe and secure process, using multifactor authentication and dual control protections.

  • Saves time and money, eliminating the need to travel to a bank branch
  • Funds remain in the account until the moment you release the Wire
  • Funds post same day and are available immediately
  • International wires are subject to the regulations of the banking system in the country of receipt and may take longer to be received and the funds made available

Securely manage and pay bills conveniently through online banking using your laptop, desktop or mobile device.

  • Saves money, minimizing the need to order check stock
  • Saves time, once vendors are set up, easily enter payment amounts to be sent
  • Conveniently accessed through a computer or mobile device

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