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Demo: Set up a Scheduled Payment

With our interactive demo, learn how to set up a bill payment for a scheduled date on the Liberty Bank mobile app.


Yes! You can pay invoices through the Pay Bills menu of Digital Banking. Once you have set up a biller, you will see the option to include invoice information while making your payment(s).

Payments sent electronically will be delivered the next business day. Payments sent by check will be delivered in 3-5 business days.

Learn about setting up scheduled payments in this interactive demo.

An eBill (electronic bill) is an instruction for your provider (i.e. mobile provider, utility or credit card) to either send Liberty Bank your monthly bill or automatically pay that bill once it’s delivered to Liberty each period.  eBills, if available for your biller, require you to enter your login credentials (ID and password) for each provider’s website in order for them to know you have given permission for the bank to collect and/or pay these bills on your behalf.  It’s a great way to centralize storage and payment of important bills.

eBills are only available for certain electronic billers. To see if you biller is eligible for eBills, click on the biller name to view the ‘Biller Details’ and look for the ‘eBill Detail’ section. Learn all about setting up eBills in this interactive demo.

No. You are not able to edit biller names. You'll need to delete the biller and add them with a new name. Your payment history will be retained.

To update the default account for paying bills:

  • Navigate to Pay Bills & People
  • Click Activity
  • Click on the 3 dots next to Filters and click Settings
  • Select Pay Bills
  • Under Preferences, click on the Default Funding account and choose the appropriate account

Updated information is needed in order to continue processing any payments. Please verify and update the account number and/or the Biller address to ensure proper delivery.