Don’t get stuck at the checkout counter—explore your overdraft options and learn how to avoid overdrafts.

Low balances happen to everybody; sometimes it’s nice to get a little help when you’re in a pinch. That’s why we offer overdraft protection.

Compare Our Overdraft Options

Our overdraft options protect you from declined debit card transactions, bounced checks and overdrawing your checking account at the ATM. Some services come standard with any checking account, some need you to opt in, and others require you to open a savings account or line of credit for overdraft protection. You may wish to discuss which might work best for you by going to your nearest branch or contacting us at (888) 570-0773.




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Standard Overdraft Protection (Courtesy Pay)

If you have insufficient funds, we may (at our discretion) approve the transaction and cover your checks, electronic withdrawals and recurring debit card transactions.1

$35 fee for every overdraft item covered.2

Limit 5 fees per account, per day.

This is standard with your consumer checking account, but you can opt out.3

ATM/Debit Card Courtesy Pay

If you have insufficient funds, we may (at our discretion) approve the transaction and cover your one-time (everyday) ATM/debit card transactions.1

$35 fee for every overdraft item covered.2

Limit 5 fees per account, per day.

You must give us your permission by opting in to this coverage.3

Opt-in here.

Overdraft Savings Account

Funds are automatically transferred (up to your available balance) from your savings account to your checking account to cover any withdrawals that exceed your checking account balance. Learn more.

$8 transfer fee each day an advance is made to your checking account to cover overdrafts.2

$3 monthly maintenance charge if $100 daily balance not maintained.

$25 to open.

Apply at any branch


When you open a checking account online.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Funds are automatically borrowed from your line of credit (up to your available balance) in the exact amount needed to cover a checking account transaction.

$5 transfer fee each day an advance is made to your checking account to cover overdrafts.2

You pay interest based on the amount borrowed.

You must complete an application and receive credit approval.

Find a location.

Questions? Call (888) 570-0773 or visit your nearest Liberty Bank location.


1 If we pay the check or debit, the negative balance will constitute a loan to you and must be paid back immediately. We typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, or you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.

2 If any individual transaction causes your account to be overdrawn by $5 or less, the overdraft fee will be waived.

3 You may still be charged for returned items.

NOTE: When an item is presented against insufficient funds generally Liberty Bank will access funds as applicable in the following order before returning an item:  (1) Overdraft Savings Account; (2) Overdraft Line of Credit; (3) Courtesy Pay.

An Overdraft Overview

What you can do to reduce the risk of an overdraft:

  • Keep your check register up to date. Record all your transactions, including ATM withdrawals, checks, bank fees deducted, debit card purchases, etc. Be sure to deduct each amount when you write the check or at the point of purchase so you have the most up-to-date account balance.
  • Check your bank statement monthly. Compare your statement’s withdrawal and deposit history with what you have written in your check register. When you are done, the balance in your check register should match the balance on your statement. If you notice any errors or unauthorized transactions, please report them to Liberty Bank right away.
  • Enroll in Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking. These free services allow you to monitor your account activity anytime, make payments, or move money. You can even set up email or text alerts to let you know if your balance is getting low.
  • Keep a cushion in your checking account. You may wish to always keep a small amount of extra money in your account, just in case of emergency.
  • Use direct deposit. Ask your employer about having your paycheck automatically and electronically deposited to your checking account. You can also arrange for direct deposit of any federal payments you receive, such as Social Security checks. This helps avoid delays in depositing funds to cover your transactions.


Opt-in to Overdraft Courtesy Pay for ATM and everyday debit card transactions

*Denotes required field

*I authorize Liberty Bank to pay overdrafts on my ATM and everyday debit card transactions. I understand that I’ll be charged $35 each time an overdraft is paid.


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