Community wishes granted. Or sponsored.

Looking for financial support for your nonprofit program or community event? Depending on how the dollars will be used, a grant or a sponsorship may be what you’re looking for. This page will help you figure out which type of support best fits your project and how to get in touch with us for more information.


All of Liberty Bank’s grant making is done through the Liberty Bank Foundation, established in 1997 as an extension of Liberty Bank’s commitment to our communities. We feel that, as bankers, we have a responsibility not only to provide excellent financial products and services, but also to make our communities better places to live and work.

Through our Foundation, we support nonprofit organizations that our neighbors depend on to build strong families and communities.

Please visit the Liberty Bank Foundation website to learn more about applying for a foundation grant.

“Liberty Bank Foundation is much more than a financial supporter; it’s a true leader in the philanthropy field.”

- Jeff P., Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

Corporate Sponsorships

Unparalleled community involvement is one of Liberty Bank’s core values. We give back as much as we can, as often as we can, and to as many organizations as possible. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing we played a part in finding a solution, easing the burden for people struggling to make ends meet, helping a child learn to read, or inspiring someone to keep moving forward – one step, one day and one moment at a time. 

As part of this commitment, the Bank proudly supports numerous non-profits and events through corporate sponsorships at many levels. Contributions support organizations that are involved in meeting the cultural, educational, community development, health and human services needs of communities within the bank's footprint in the central, eastern, western and shoreline areas of Connecticut.

We strongly believe that supporting the causes we are passionate about creates stronger engagement and longer lasting ties in the communities where we live and work. Here are some examples of events we’ve sponsored in the past:

  • Dinner fundraisers
  • Walk-a-thons/5Ks
  • Community concert series
  • Golf tournaments
  • Theatrical performances
  • Chamber of Commerce events, fairs, festivals, parades, and home shows
  • Community, semi-professional or professional sporting events
  • And more!

If you’d like Liberty Bank to sponsor your event, here are a few questions to consider. Does the event provide an opportunity for Liberty Bank to:

  • Support the communities we serve and make a lasting impact?
  • Be a headline sponsor or the exclusive financial services sponsor?
  • Prominently display our message via signage, banners, video scoreboards, or other advertising medium?
  • Set up a booth and distribute materials?
  • Entertain customers?
  • Engage with attendees? 

For sponsorship requests, please call Amy Helbling Crafa at 860-344-7213.

Branch Sponsorships

Many branch offices sponsor local youth athletic programs, school events, walk-a-thons, golf tournaments and other events, at amounts up to $250. If you would like to discuss a local sponsorship opportunity, please visit the branch manager in the town where the event will take place.


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