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We don’t just live and work here. Liberty Bank is deeply invested in our community, and we believe that our purpose as a local bank is to enhance the well-being of the towns and cities we serve.

Loan Programs

Liberty Bank offers a broad range of lending programs to meet the diverse credit needs of the communities we serve. Liberty Bank offers a number of programs aimed at providing home loans, small business loans, community development loans and loans to revitalize particular areas. Learn more about our programs for first-time homebuyers. 

Academy for Small Business

The Liberty Bank Academy for Small Business is a comprehensive training program developed to provide education and guidance to small business owners on successfully operating a business. Liberty Bank is now offering a $5,000 line of credit to qualifying business owners who complete this program. Learn more about our Academy for Small Business


For the following programs, please contact:

Rosa Carrero, NMLS# 883266 (New Haven, Middlesex, New Britain and Waterbury areas)
(860) 344-7328

Pam Days-Luketich, NMLS# 1641318 (Hartford, Windham, New London and Norwich areas)
(860) 704-2489

Glenn Davis, NMLS# 1455455 (General inquires)
(860) 704-2110

Homebuyer Education, Credit and Budget Seminars

Liberty Bank offers numerous seminars for individuals, including first-time homebuyer education, and credit and budgeting seminars.

Credit for Life Fairs

Liberty Bank helps to present Credit for Life Fairs at local high schools. These interactive events allow students to role play as an adult trying to manage a household budget and educate them about the financial challenges and choices they will face as adults.

School-Based Financial Education

Liberty Bank offers financial education programming in middle and high schools in our communities. This curriculum utilizes a technology-based financial literacy platform including videos, animations and interactive activities to teach complex financial concepts.

Individual Development Accounts

Liberty partners with local nonprofits to offer Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) to help low-and moderate-income individuals save money for qualified expenses such as purchasing a home or vehicle, paying for an education, or starting a small business.

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