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At Liberty Bank, what we stand for makes us stand out. That “something special” is within all of us who work at Liberty. If you believe it’s within you too, you may be just who we’re looking for.

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Customer Connections

To make a difference in a customer’s life, you must first make a connection. Not just on a professional level, but personally too. Think of Liberty Bank customers as extended family. Treat them with the same level of importance, interest and understanding that you show to friends and family.

Embrace the Place

Spend any amount of time with a Liberty Bank employee and you'll quickly feel the pride that emanates from each and every one of us. That's because we surround ourselves with people who take ownership, take responsibility and take action. We don't just work at Liberty. We work to make Liberty the best it can be.

Better Together

To work to the best of our ability, we must be willing to work together. We’re not just colleagues, we’re teammates. We’re one another’s support system. When you walk into work every morning, you’ll know someone has your back.


Be You. Be Unique.

What makes Liberty Bank different? Our people. All of them. We have different backgrounds. Different personal beliefs. Different ways of doing things. But what we all have in common is our work ethic, our commitment to our customers and our desire to make Liberty Bank the best company in Connecticut.

The Best Decision

Working at Liberty Bank presents countless ways for you to make a difference. Whether you’re presented with a customer challenge to solve or just an opportunity to put a smile on a colleague’s face, it’s easiest to make the most of these situations when you act with integrity and respect. Always keeping the interests of our customers and company in mind.

Think you’ve got what we’re looking for? See if we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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