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The new Liberty Bank website is filled with the knowledge, tools and services you need to take control of your finances and find your confident place. Discover the great, new online features that are available on whatever device you're using - mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

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Welcome to the new Liberty Bank website

Welcome to the new Liberty Bank website. Here, you’ll discover the knowledge, tools and services you need to take control of your finances and find your confident place. You’ll find our great, new online features on whatever device you’re using—mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

We know it’s important to have easy access to your online account. So now you can sign in to your personal or business banking account with our single and simplified online login, right on every page. If you’re having trouble logging in, just click here for help. New to online banking? Enroll here.

You can see our great savings and loan rates, updated in real-time, right from the homepage. Whether you’re looking to borrow or save, it’s easy to see you’re getting the most competitive rates from Liberty Bank. Need to find a financial advisor? Want to learn how to set debit card options to help guard your card? The quick links will get you to some of our most valuable pages in a hurry.

Scroll through the homepage to see our latest offers and newest products and services. You’ll find things to help you save money. And things that make your life a little easier, especially at tax time, like our routing number that’s right on the bottom of every page. Make your way around the site using the navigation. It’s always on the left side of your screen and it’ll let you explore the products and services we offer.

In personal banking, we’ve made it even easier for you to compare our accounts. So you can find the information you need to open one quickly. You can also use the navigation to see the products and services we offer in business banking and investing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just click into the search box and start typing. Need to come into a branch? Just click locations. You can use the map to search for a branch. Or you can just type your zip code here. You can set this location as your branch and it’ll be saved right here in the navigation.

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New Features: Money Manager

We invested in a powerful, state-of-the-art tool that helps you gain better control over your finances and view all of your accounts in one place—even those at other banks. It’s called Money Manager. Liberty Bank customers have free access to Money Manger through online banking. If you’re new to online banking, enroll here. Watch the videos to see how easy it is to use Money Manager. You’ll learn how to take advantage of great features like using the dashboard to monitor all your financial accounts. How to set and track your savings goals. How to create budgets and track your spending habits. And how to monitor your cash flow.

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New Features: Digital Banking

Check out our brand new online banking features for complete and secure control of your money from anywhere you access the internet, 24/7. You can learn how to use our new online banking app and how to enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay and Mobile Wallet. Discover how easy it is to pay bills, send money, and guard your debit card with personalized alerts and controls.

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New Features: Learning Center

We’ve made it easier than ever to discover simple tips and sound advice about money. The Learning Center is a place to build your knowledge quickly through short articles, helpful quizzes and easy-to-use financial tools. Start by choosing a category. Then pick a topic you want to explore. Like this interactive life insurance needs calculator.

This is the new Liberty Bank website. Find your confident place in any place where there’s an internet connection.

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