How to Pay Your Loans (2:05)

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Making a loan payment couldn’t be easier with online banking. It’s a convenient, secure, and hassle-free way to make payments any time of the day, from any device.

Video Transcript

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How to make Loan Payments

You can make a loan payment directly from Online Banking by selecting Pay Now while you’re in your account summary. Next, select the account you'd like to pay your loan from. Now select the loan you'd like to pay. From here you can select the amount or type of payment you'd like to apply to your loan. Options include: regular, your last payment amount, principal-only, and other. Depending on your loan type, there may be other options, such as escrow-only. Then, select a scheduling option: immediate, future dated (one time) or recurring.

You can also enter a description, which will display in a description field in the account activity area of online banking. This helps you remember what the loan payment was for. Funds will be withdrawn from your account as soon as the transfer is confirmed. Immediate payments cannot be cancelled or stopped.

Recurring payments can be set up on many different schedules.  Options include, daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedules, just to name a few. After entering the details of your accounts, select submit. Ensure the details of your payment are correct, and select confirm.

You will receive a confirmation at the top of your screen that your transaction processed successfully.

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Edit Loan Payments

You can also edit or delete this payment in the transfers section and view past loan payment activity, right here within Online Banking.

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