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With Liberty online banking, you gain access to our Banking Services Center where you can manage your accounts, your profile, your card services, your alerts, and your devices. All in one place.

Video Transcript

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Things You Can Do in the Banking Service Center

In the Banking Services Center you can manage your accounts, your profile, your card services, your alerts and your devices and send secure messages to Liberty Bank’s customer service center.

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Manage Account Services

You can stop payments, view stop payment history, reorder checks, or create new alerts and change current alerts in the account services section. Alerts allow you to request messages about your accounts by email or text. You can manage the Types and frequency of Alerts for a variety of banking services. Click the Create a New Alert link to see all the different types of alerts available.

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Manage Card and Online Services

In this section, you can manage your debit or ATM card and your online banking. In Guard Your Card, you can freeze or unfreeze your debit card or ATM card. Add a travel note to your debit card so out of town purchases will process smoothly. In the Hide/Show Accounts link, you can set up which of your Liberty Bank accounts will display in online banking.

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Manage Your Profile

Change your email, home address and other details in the My Profile section. You can also manage your security information by updating your online banking User ID or Password.

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Manage Mobile Banking

In the mobile banking section, manage which devices can access your account information and add or hide accounts based on the preferences you set up. Select Fast Balances to view balances and recent transactions right from the Sign In screen, without entering your user ID and password. Choose the accounts you want to include and Submit. Click on RDC History to view any “remote deposit capture” deposits. You can also manage the devices that are enrolled for fingerprint authentication.

If you have any questions, about Liberty Bank online banking please call our customer service center or send us a secure message any time by selecting the Messages option at the top of the page.

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