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Your Liberty Bank Debit MasterCard® is a direct line to your cash—keep it protected with powerful controls. Set alerts, block transactions, and even freeze and unfreeze your card from your mobile device.

Video Transcript

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How to Guard Your Card

Managing your Liberty Bank debit card is easy to do in your Liberty mobile app. Download our Liberty Bank app to your smartphone. Login … click the navigation link at the top left of the screen, and select Card Services from the list.

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Manage Your Profile

Here, you can manage your profile settings by setting up which device you want to use as your primary device. You can also choose the email address where you’d like to receive notifications about your card. From the Card Services dashboard you can quickly freeze your card in case it’s lost or stolen.

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Alerts & Managing Transactions

You can view your card transactions by date and by other filter options. Set up spending limits. You can set an alert for a specific transaction or you can deny transactions for a specific amount. Create alerts or block transactions under Merchant Type. For example, to disallow transactions for Gas Stations, toggle Gas Station to be blocked instead of allowed. Set up an alert or completely block certain transactions based on Transaction Type. For example, to disallow transactions for eCommerce items, toggle eCommerce to be blocked instead of allowed. In Denied Alert, you can choose to receive an alert for every denied transaction that occurs on your card. Turn on Alerts by region and customize safety zones or device requirements that require a specific device to be present at the merchant at the time of purchase. Here, you can also block or alert transactions outside of the United States. If you have questions about Card Controls, just contact Liberty Bank’s customer service center. Or send us a secure message. And don’t forget, if you’re traveling, make sure you send us a Travel Notification. It’s easy.

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