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Pay all your bills from your Liberty Bank checking account using your mobile app or computer. Do your banking on any device, from anywhere, anytime in a convenient, secure, and environmentally friendly way.

Video Transcript

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How to Pay Bills

Click here, or the Pay Bills link in Quick Links, to get to Bill Pay. From here, you can Schedule a Payment, View History or Manage your Payees.

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How to Pay Bills

Let’s add a new payee. Select the Add a Payee link and enter Payee Name. Some will appear as you type. Next, complete the Payee details. You can also enter a nickname to help you identify the payee within online banking. Once you’ve entered all the required information, click Add Payee. Your Payee is now listed.

If your Payee provides eBills, you can also set up eBills here, which are a convenient, secure and environmentally friendly way of delivering many of the bills you pay. Simply provide your login in credentials for your Payee. It may take a few minutes to verify your login information. You can now make payments to your new payee, as well as edit or remove it, at any time.

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Make Payments

Make a payment or pay several payees in just one screen from the Multi-Pay tab. First, select the account you’d like to make these payments from. Begin entering the amounts and the dates you’d like to pay your bills. Then enter your Send On date, and the estimated delivery date will update. It’s very important to note, your account will be debited on the Send Date, the day before the Estimated Delivery Date for electronic payments. This means the funds must be in your account one business day ahead for your payments to process. You can easily view which Payees are an electronic type by going to the Manage Payees tab. Here you can see if the payment is made by check or if it is sent electronically. Payments scheduled with a Delivery Date of the next business day are withdrawn from your account that evening after 5pm and can only be canceled or stopped up until 5pm. You can also schedule recurring payments. Simply expand the Payee and then click in the repeat box. There are many options available here, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and many more.

You can also set reminders, an alert when the payment is delivered or a reminder of the payment any number of days prior to its send date. Once you have finished scheduling bill payments, select Pay Bills. You will then see a summary of the bills you just scheduled. If you’d like to edit, delete or review these payments, go to Scheduled Payments.

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View History

In View History you can see all your payments in one place. You can view by Payee, by status – delivered, failed or mailed, or you can view your payments for a specific date range.

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Manage Payees

In the manage payees tab, you can see all your payees, their type—check or electronic, and if eBills are available or set up. Have bills that you’ve already paid off? Here’s the place you can delete them as well. If you have questions about Bill Pay, contact Liberty Bank’s customer service center. Or send us a secure message.

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