Money Manager's Cash Flow Calendar Brings Your Income and Expenses into Focus (1:41)

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Video Summary

Get a clearer view of your income and expenses with Money Manager’s interactive cash flow calendar. Add your paychecks to show cash coming in. Then add recurring bills—like rent, mortgage, insurance, internet and phone—to calculate payments going out. Cash flow calendar gives you an interactive forecast of your money so you can plan for big purchases and make smarter spending decisions every day.

Video Transcript

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How to View Cash Flow

The cash flow calendar brings your income and expenses to life through an interactive calendar. See how much money you have available to pay bills and other expenses day by day.

Forecast what’s going in and coming out, so you can make smart decisions.

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Add an Income

To add an income to your account, first enter the name of the income and how much you get paid. Next, choose how often you get paid from the drop down list, and the start date. Once you click add income it will appear on your calendar.

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Add a Bill

To add a bill, enter the name of the bill, the amount to be paid, how often it will occur, and the next time it’s due.

To mark your bill as paid, simply click on it, and select the paid checkbox.

Your bill will now display as paid in your calendar.

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Add Cash Flow Calendar to your Dashboard

Set up your cash flow calendar from your dashboard by clicking the customize widgets button and selecting cash flow from the drop down list. This will add the snapshot on your dashboard that shows an overview of your income and expenses.


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