Categorize and Track Your Spending Habits with Money Manager Budgets (1:58)

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Do you know how much you spend every month on groceries, entertainment, or dining out? Money Manager helps you set monthly spending targets so you see exactly where your money is going. Money Manager makes it easy to check your average spending, set monthly limits and create realistic budgets to help you achieve your savings goals.

Video Transcript

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How to Budget

Easily create BUDGETS, to categorize and track spending habits.By seeing how you reach a spending target you can make smarter financial choices.Spending targets are used for tracking variable expenses like groceries, entertainment or dining out.

This budgeting tool allows you to monitor where your money is going.

At the top is the budget progress bar. Which helps you see where you stand with your monthly budget.  Right now we are under budget. Which is a good thing! The progress bars below show existing spending targets. And their individual progress.

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Create a New Spending Target

To create a new budget item. Click Add a New Spending Target. Next select the tag or tags you’d like to track. Remember tags classify your transactions into specific categories. For this example let’s track our entertainment expenses.

To set your monthly limit. Check out your average spending to help set realistic budgets. In this section you can include or exclude specific accounts to be factored into your spending target. Click Add Spending Target and you’re good to go.

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View Historical Budgets

To see how you did in the past, use the previous and next month buttons to navigate back and forth. The buttons will appear when there is historical budget data.

If you have questions about budgets, navigate to the help link on your page. Add or edit as many spending targets as you need. Because keeping an eye on the bottom line is always a good idea.

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