Money Manager Alerts Can Help You Avoid Unwanted Surprises (1:43)

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If you’re using multiple bank accounts and credit cards, it can be hard to stay on top of daily spending and watch for fraud. Let Money Manager alerts keep you informed. Receive an email alert if your account balance changes suddenly, transactions post from a specific retailer, or when you’re about to exceed a spending category. Money Manager alerts help you stay in control.

Video Transcript

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How to Set Up Alerts

Stay informed with account alerts by email or on your dashboard. With account alerts, you really are in control.

Be alerted when particular account balances change, transactions to a specific retailer occur, when you are close to exceeding a budget category, and more.

Account alerts keep you informed of account activity.

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Set Up Alerts

Navigate to the alerts feature at the top of the dashboard. Under set up, enter in your preferred email to receive alerts.

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Add an Alert

Click the green add an alert button. Select from one of the six different alert types. Keep in mind, alerts can be applied to any and all accounts. Under alert me when, set your desired threshold, and select the account for which the alert is applicable.

Alerts will always appear on the dashboard, but you may also choose to be alerted by email. Click add alert.

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Edit an Alert

Alerts can always be edited or deleted by clicking the edit button on the left when you hover over the alert.

If you’re always on the go, the alerts platform will keep you up to date on your account balances, posted transactions, the progress of your financial goals, budgets and more.

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